Windows 10 video playback issues

There is a Windows 10 bug that Microsoft are working to fix that means that on some (but not all) machines, you get a black screen with a green line when you try to play video in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC . If you want to fix this, the instructions are below but you need to be confident navigating around your computer and changing settings. If you don’t want to do this, you can just look at the videos separately in the videos folder. If you haven’t got the videos separately, get in touch and we will send them ([email protected]). Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon!


Close Acrobat Reader!

Open ‘Settings’ and start to type ‘graphics’ into the search. Select ‘Graphics settings’

Under ‘Choose an app to set preference’, click ‘Browse’.

You now need to navigate to where the Acrobat Reader program is located. Start with your Hard Drive ‘C’ and open ‘Program Files (x86).

Open ‘Adobe’

Open ‘Adobe Reader DC’

Open ‘Reader’

Select ‘AcroRD32.exe’ and click ‘Add’

Click ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader DC’ then click ‘Options’

Select ‘Power Saving’ NOT ‘Let Windows Decide’ and click ‘Save’. Now restart Adobe Acrobat Reader.