Playing the video

Our ebooks are enhanced ebooks with embedded video, so if you have downloaded the file, you have downloaded the video. However, they will not be viewable unless you are opening the file in Adobe Reader/Acrobat. Your browser will probably open the ebook but it will not play the videos. Use the Save command to save… Read more »

Posted on the 14/01/2020

10% discount thank you!

Thanks to all our customers around the world who have bought How to make Beaded Boxes by Katie Dean. We’d love to hear from you in the form of a review – you know how important reviews are! There’s a 10% discount code on offer as a thank you . . .

Posted on the 28/11/2019

3 minutes or 5 hours?

Our latest title How to make Beaded Boxes is the largest ebook we have ever published at 1.1GB because it has a good deal of high quality video. So we have had interesting feedback from customers who have bought the download. One customer in Germany downloaded it in 3 minutes. Another in the US told… Read more »

Posted on the 19/11/2019

Beaded Boxes is now published!

How to make Beaded Boxes by Katie Dean is now published and available to purchase as a download or on disk. If you purchase the download, note that it is a very large file (1.1GB) so it takes a substantial amount of time to download, depending on your download speed. When you click on the… Read more »

Posted on the 16/11/2019

Free pattern with Pre-order!

How to make Beaded Boxes, by Katie Dean Now available to pre-order before publication 16 November 2019. If you pre-order, you will receive an additional free pattern from Katie for a Cactus project, and you’ll get the book as soon as it’s published! Make fun beaded boxes with a flowerpot theme! Give them as a… Read more »

Posted on the 12/11/2019

VAT for EU customers

Good news! As of 1st January 2019, we no longer have to charge VAT on downloads for customers who live in the EU – so that makes our prices on average at least 20% cheaper than they were before Christmas! Buy while you can at this price – we don’t know what the situation will… Read more »

Posted on the 04/01/2019

Beaded Wedding Flowers & Corsages

Now available: Beaded Wedding Flowers & Corsages by Katie Dean. This ebook is a new edition of Bead Flowers & Corsages, now out of print.

Posted on the 06/11/2018

50% discount on Corsages until end of October 2018

Stock Clearance! We have just a few copies of Bead Flowers and Corsages, disk version only. Get 50% discount until stocks run out or until the end of October.

Posted on the 25/10/2018

Modern Bead Loom Weaving

This is a ‘must-have, ‘friendly’ ebook according to the blog My World of Beads by Katie Dean. Read the full blog post with detailed description of the book by a beader, for beaders! Published June 2018, and written by Caroline French, Modern Bead Loom Weaving is the place to start if you are wanting to… Read more »

Posted on the 16/06/2018

Announcing the winners!

Announcing the winners of our Festival of Quilts free tickets! Congratulations and thanks to all who took part. The winners are as follows: Kathy Haynes, Jayne Davey, Sadie Yeomans, Lynne Adams, Sally Stevens, Alexis Cowie, Sandra Baines. We look forward to receiving your addresses so we can send you the tickets!

Posted on the 04/07/2017

Free tickets for Festival of Quilts

Free tickets for Festival of Quilts! As sponsors of the Quilt Creations category we have complimentary tickets for our customers. We are giving them away in pairs. Just post on our Facebook page about why you’d like to go to the Festival, and who you would take with you!

Posted on the 27/06/2017

For the beginner sewist!

Fabulous new review just in for I Wish I Could Sew: Scrappy Patchwork Mats. Julie Briggs of The Sewing Directory has written very positively about Debbie von Grabler-Crozier’s new ebook – its content and its format. ‘The videos in the e-book are clear and concise giving you a real visual lesson to help you if… Read more »

Posted on the 23/03/2017

Are you a Blogger?

Are you a Blogger? Would you like to review: I Wish I could Sew: Scrappy Patchwork Mats by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier or Bead Flowers & Corsages by Katie Dean. Contact us via the form on this website or via our Facebook page. 

Posted on the 13/03/2017

Pearls, Puppies and Patchwork

Pearls, Puppies and Patchwork Our latest newsletter has just gone out. Read it here. Sign up for our newsletter below so you don’t miss our news. Be assured that you will NOT be bombarded with missives from us and we take your privacy very seriously.

Posted on the 02/03/2017

Playing the videos in our ebooks

Vivebooks ebooks are enhanced ebooks in pdf format, with embedded video (so the video is always downloaded with the file). Your browser that downloads the file will probably open the ebook but it will not play the videos. Once the file has downloaded, save it to your desktop/computer then open it from within Adobe Reader/Acrobat.   Also,… Read more »

Posted on the 03/11/2016

Pearls of Wisdom

Sara Naumann loves Simply Stunning Pearls by Carolyn Schulz. She writes: ‘This e-book is like having an expert beading designer right at your side! Carolyn is a well-known instructor, and it shows in this book–not only does she provide clear, easy-to-follow written instructions, but the accompanying videos really do make it seem as though you’re… Read more »

Posted on the 24/10/2016