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Vivebooks has been known for quality specialist digital publications since 2006.  We enjoy working collaboratively with our authors to produce titles that make us all proud.

Why work with Vivebooks?

We use our many years’ experience to help you organize, shape, plan and write your ebook. We are responsible for the editing and layout. We have photographers and illustrators who are expert in their own fields. We offer video services using high-end cameras and lighting.

We can get your ebook listed and sold by other online bookshops such as Amazon.

To market your ebook, we work with you and specialist magazines, groups, websites, social media etc. Having an ebook published is excellent for raising your own profile and brand awareness.


You will earn royalties on sales. When these are added to our affiliate and referral scheme, authors can earn 50% of the value of a sale.


We are a small team, just Vivienne and Trevor, so we work personally with all our authors, who, we hope, become firm friends in the process.

So, if you have an idea for an ebook, or a smaller publication, or a range of epatterns, please get in touch.

What makes a Vivebooks author?

As our publications are all digital, their existence is an online existence. They are not sold in bookshops. This means that our authors ideally should be active online, with a known profile in the relevant field. You need to be posting regularly on social media and be willing to build up your following. This way you can keep your work in the eyes of the online audience and help us to promote it.

What do you need to send us?

Please send us a brief synopsis, including the overall concept of your idea and a table of contents.

Tell us about the market for your ebook – who will buy it and why. What is the competition?

Send us some sample images, patterns and videos if appropriate. Vivebooks is responsible for photography and video in our ebooks, but we also often use material that authors have created themselves.

We need as much information about yourself as possible: your experience in your field, any previous publications, relevant business activity such as websites and blogs, your activity on social media and selling platforms such as Etsy.

Contact details

Send your proposal to

The Vivebooks ebook

Our ebooks cover specialist non-fiction subjects that have a market amongst people who are love their craft or lifestyle activity. Often these ebooks are too ‘niche’ to get published in print (which requires guaranteed sales quantities to make the cost of printing viable).

A Vivebooks publication can be anything from a detailed techniques manual, to a single pattern.

Because our ebooks are digital, they rarely go ‘out of print’, so they can be available to buy for many years. They are easy to update too. This enables a specialist book to build a reputation over time.


Video and hyperlinks

We can embed video within our ebooks, or link to videos on the Vivebooks YouTube channel. This is where the ebook format really comes into its own. The video content is ideal for describing practical techniques, showing demonstrations of any method.

Hyperlinks within the ebook can link to your own website and any other teaching or promotional materials. In this way, an ebook can play a large part in your online presence, whatever your field.

You can link to your ebook from anything you do online: website, blog, newsletter, social media, online workshops etc. Our referral system tracks any customer referred by you (within 24hrs of the referral) and automatically allocates a generous commission to you on any sale, not limited to sales of your own books.


Instant downloads

Our website system is able to store very large files (ebooks with video are large files) and deliver them instantly by automatic download to customers anywhere in the world. We find that customers love this – no waiting days or weeks for delivery!

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