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Get fit and have fun with your dog!

Wag & Tone is ideal for improving muscular conditioning, co-ordination, balance and overall fitness – for all kinds of dogs and people. Wag & Tone has been developed by dog trainers and a fitness coach. It fills the gap between basic puppy classes and training for competitive dog sports such as agility, while complementing all dog activities. As well as improving fitness together and having fun, with Wag & Tone you and your dog will develop an understanding and a firmer bond, whether your dog is a pet or working animal.

Wag & Tone needs little equipment. Many of the exercises are done just on the ground or with mats, cones and steps, and can be done in the home. Some need a few cavaletti, a ladder or a gym ball.

All Wag & Tone exercises are approved by a fitness coach (for people) and an animal physiotherapist. Suitable for canines and people of all ages and levels of fitness, these exercises will help improve your tone, whatever your starting point. The demonstration
videos show exactly how each exercise should be done. You can put the ebook on your iPad and take it to your exercise area! This ebook is also for instructors who want to use Wag & Tone in their classes.

Recommended by Ashleigh Butler: ‘One question I get asked about on a daily basis is, how do you develop such a strong bond with your dog? For me the answer is simple, the more that you interact with your dog, the better your bond will be. This is one of the main reasons, why I would recommend this book. Not only are you spending time with your dog, you are also improving their stamina, balance and fitness levels.’ For Ashleigh’s full review, go to Reviews on this page. 

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11 reviews for Wag & Tone

  1. Vivienne

    I first heard of the concept of Wag & Tone just over a year ago, and I was instantly hooked. With the help of Karen and the rest of the team to get me going, I have been teaching Wag & Tone classes for nearly a year now, and I really do enjoy every single week.

    Wag & Tone is very adaptable, and can be enjoyed by any level of dog and handler. It is easy to break down the exercises for dogs who have no previous training, but it is also easy to add an extra challenge for dogs or handlers who have good skills and fitness.

    As an instructor, I like the fact that for most of the class everyone can work at the same time. There is no “queue” as there is at agility, and no “sitting around” like at obedience classes. This has several benefits for the participants – the most obvious being that they usually feel they have got a lot done!

    For less confident handlers there is no worry that the rest of the class is watching your mistakes, and you have no time to watch anyone else so you never compare yourself or your dog unfavourably to others.

    For easily distracted dogs – they are engaged with their handler with a high rate of reward, and far too busy to look around or get bored. For all dogs it is good practice at working around distractions, and a way of improving the bond with their owner.

    I am not a naturally sporty person myself, and the only way I usually exercise is with my dogs. Teaching a dog moves and tricks relating to what I am doing completely distracts me from the fact I am exercising myself, and when I take part with my own dog I always go home smiling. – Alison Pearce

  2. Vivienne

    Review by Johanna Burridge
    Wag and Tone: Published by Vivebooks

    I have just read the book and watched the videos and really must say I can’t wait to start classes. I live on a remote island of about 500 inhabitants and I am hopefully about to start up Dog Training Classes. We are too far away to compete at the various sports – 2 ferry journeys from Scotland, so to have a set programme to follow is so helpful.

    The classes will be ideal for all types of dog owners from those who just want their dogs to focus on them to those who really want to exercise both their dog and themselves. The social aspect will be very important to us as well and as this will be the first time most of the handlers will have been to any type of class, the fact that everybody can work individually at their own stations means that first time handlers won’t be embarrassed at have others watching them. The dogs will be learning to focus on their handlers in a fun and relaxed method.

    I love the idea of setting the exercises to music – it makes for a very fun atmosphere and I can imagine a good deal of giggling happening during the classes. The other aspect I like is the fact there is no preconception of which breeds the classes are aimed at so owners of any and all breeds are welcomed. I can see this appealing to all level of handlers from those who want to have some fun with their dogs to those who compete at the highest level who wish to make sure that they and their dogs are at their peak of fitness.

    The exercises can be done by any age group and may well appeal to older handlers as the exercises are gentle and easy. The videos are a real help as they show just how the exercise should be done. I believe this is well worth the money and I am already looking forward to book 2. – Johanna Burridge

  3. Vivienne

    Review by Mary Ann Nester
    I have been waiting for a book that combines my love of dogs with my love of exercise and music to be available for a long, long time! Finally “Wag & Tone” is here and I couldn’t be happier! The authors, Karen Laker, Sue Holstead and Ruth MacGill, have put together an e-book that describes a way that dogs and owners can have fun working out together. Whether you and your dog are a competing duo in agility, a dancing partnership in heelwork to music or fellow couch potatoes looking for a night out, look no further!
    Karen Laker, Sue Holstead and Ruth MacGill are eager to share their love of “Wag & Tone”. Coming from backgrounds in dog agility and sports sciences, they have succeeded in building a safe but fun exercise model that can enhance the human/canine relationship while reaping physical benefits for both. It has been “approved by a fitness coach for the human perspective and an animal physiotherapist for the dog’s perspective”. Readers journey from the initial warm up, through a list of simple yet imaginative exercises (the “bow tie” is my favourite) and arrive at the final cool down.

    Anyone can join in! It invites those who are new to exercising as well as those who are ready to be challenged and progress. And Wag & Tone caters for the naughty or excitable dogs, not just the ones that are already well-trained. A number of “Wag & Tone Stories” are included in the “Introduction” and illustrate just how easy it is to get involved. Plus, there is also information on how to set up and run your own classes. There is no doubt in my mind that the authors really do mean it when they say, “If you have any queries at all, please get in touch!” They are keen to spread the Wag & Tone ethos!

    “Wag & Tone” is available as a download e-book or CD-ROM. I confess that it is my first e-book. I like to touch and turn pages so I reluctantly switched on the lap top and downloaded with trepidation. But surprise! I enjoyed the experience thanks to a great “Using this e-book: tips” chapter. Being able to go straight to web-sites or watch the videos was definitely added value.
    The videos are the books best feature. I loved the photos of dogs and handlers on different pieces of equipment, but the videos of exercises in action really made a greater visual impact on my learning. I was delighted to see big dogs as well as little guys strutting their stuff. And the fun everyone is having is undeniable. The authors’ voice overs are as clear and easy to understand as their prose.
    My only regret is that there is not enough music. It would have been nice to hear some background melodies in the videos. I don’t think it would have detracted from the commentators and it would have added some flavour and rhythm to the demonstrations. Unfortunately, this was not possible due to the constraints of music licensing laws. Also, a few tune titles to accompany each exercise would have been appreciated by those of us with limited play lists! However, there is a Facebook group, Wag and Tone, where the authors will be making suggestions for music and offering members a chance to post questions and give feedback. Can I suggest “Happy” by Pharrell Wiliams?
    At £19.00, “Wag & Tone” is good value … especially when set against my gym subscription! My dog is my best friend and favourite playmate and the more things we can do together, the more fun we have together! We look forward to Volume Two!!!!

  4. Vivienne

    And thanks to Tamra Temple, for her positive review of Wag & Tone
    ‘The authors have created a fun way to incorporate exercise for dogs and their owners into play sessions that can be used in group settings or at home one on one. The book is complete with notes on what physiological benefits derive from each exercise, clear explanations of how to perform and train each one, and videos to demonstrate each. The layout is very efficient and well-done. Trainers can easily use it as a reference for classes and owners will find it clear enough to use even without a training class. Some of the exercises require special equipment, but none of it is difficult to come by or improvise.
    As a trainer of service dogs, I value the resourcefulness the authors brought together to create this method of fun, focus, and workout. The dogs will love it and even those of us who don’t like exercise will be fooled into getting plenty while having a whole lot of fun with our dogs.’

  5. Vivienne

    And thanks to Roger Gildersleve for his review: ‘A great way to try and get fit as well as interacting with your dog or dogs. The exercises are easy to understand and do not challenge an OAP too much! The video clips are great at showing what you should be doing and are very informative. I have a Labrador and a Cocker Spaniel both of which have enjoyed the workouts. An enjoyable way to exercise.’

  6. Vivienne

    Thanks to Philco for great review for Wag & Tone:
    ‘I have given Wag and Tone a 5 star rating for these reasons, I have been considering buying the book for a while but being older ,unfit and not very spatially aware I decided against it but with the current bad weather I had another look and thought I would try it, the instructions for the exercises are clear and easy to understand, I can do most of them in my average size house and I will probably buy a gym ball but have so far been able to try most of them by improvising the equipment. All of my dogs ,ranging in size from Labrador to spaniel with an age range of 10 to 3.have been able to have a go at the exercises
    I hope this programme will improve the dogs focus on me when competing in agility,it will be a bonus if it also improves my fitness and co-ordination, I now intend to do the course in the systematic way the book suggests’

  7. Vivienne

    If you are looking for fun ways to keep both you & your pet get/stay in shape – then this books for you!
    I just finished reading this book and am going to start a wag and tone class! Such a good idea to get something like this going!Thanks for the great details in this book! – From Laurie, Canada

  8. Vivienne

    From Your Dog magazine, September 2014:
    Wag and Tone is a brilliant idea! It’s fun, the dogs enjoyed it, there is no pressure, and it has great physical and emotional benefits for dogs and handlers. It’s also nice to work to music and try out all the different exercises, which Karen varies every week so that there is always something new. I am definitely very tempted to get the e-book and have a go and would love to attend a class if a trainer opened one up in my area.

  9. Vivienne

    From the Review by Sally Marchant of Naturally Happy Dogs:
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this Wag & Tone eBook and I am looking forward to next one already!

  10. Vivienne

    Review by Ashleigh Butler (of Ashleigh and Pudsey)

    ‘Firstly, I wanted to start off by saying what a brilliant idea I think this Ebook is. We all want our dogs to be as fit and healthy as possible, that we sometimes forget about ourselves. What better way is there to get you and your dog fit at the same time. It’s clear to see that Karen, Sue and Ruth have put so much time and effort into this project.

    There are so many great things about Wag & Tone, the main one being it helps not only your dog get fit in a fun unique way, but it also helps the dog’s owner to enjoy exercise as well. Not everyone enjoys exercising or can find the time, it’s one of the things that some of us have to force yourself to do, but with Wag and Tone you don’t even realise that you are exercising, because it’s so much fun.

    It also encourages dogs to think for themselves, which is exactly what they need. I have come across so many trainers that do everything for their dogs, Instead of allowing them to work things out for themselves. With each exercise there is a diagram, pictures and a video that act as a guide & explain how you teach each maneuver. I also liked that it was for literally anyone with any dog, regardless of the owner or dog’s level of training. It doesn’t matter if your dog is trained for agility, obedience, or if they are just a family pet. Each exercise is broken down and explained so well that even a young child could follow it.

    One question I get asked about on a daily basis is, how do you develop such a strong bond with your dog? For me the answer is simple, the more that you interact with your dog, the better your bond will be. This is one of the main reasons, why I would recommend this book. Not only are you spending time with your dog, you are also improving their stamina, balance and fitness levels.

    I would certainly use this Ebook for any young dog that I am starting to train. It helps prepare them physically & mentally for a wide range of training disciplines. I personally loved the Superman High five, although Sullivan, my young dog, thought it would be much more fun to high five me in the face!

    One area that dog owners might find difficult is with sourcing the equipment required, I don’t personally own any of the equipment used in Wag and Tone so had to improvise using buckets, paint tins, and sticks in the ground. I was still able to achieve the same outcome with my makeshift equipment.

    All in all, I love Wag and Tone. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted to improve their personal fitness & was thinking about starting HTM or agility. I really liked the fact that the ebook would appeal not to just the dog enthusiast, but also a general dog owner who is just after a fun way to exercise both themselves & their dog.’

  11. Vivienne

    Reviewer: James Amor (Agility competitor. Instructor/co-owner at Fylde Agility)

    Wag and Tone – In summary, a great concept, thoroughly researched, well presented, and superbly delivered!
    A brief scan tells you everything you need to know – this is a book that is designed to be used. The opening background and introductory stories whet your appetite, the Wag and Tone class overview
    sets the scene perfectly, and then it’s straight into the details of the exercises. I guarantee that after just a few minutes of reading you’ll be itching to get your dog and give it a go… unfortunately I read
    it on a train, where the only available dog was fast asleep!
    Each exercise is very well described – there’s no waffling text, just key bullet points that cover everything you need to know. Every description has a supporting video and photos showing you how it’s done; these partner superbly with the text which covers setup, equipment, and most importantly the canine and human elements of the activity. There is a definite workbook feel to this section of the book, with ‘page 1’ of each description covering the core elements, and subsequent pages providing further information including adaptations for larger and smaller dogs, suggested training tips, and ideas on how to progress the exercises for the more seasoned Wag-and-Tone-ist.
    The exercises form both a great knowledge base to work with, and an inspiration for developing exercises of your own.
    The level of information throughout the book is skilfully pitched, making it suitable as both a basic introduction for beginners and a reference source for more familiar readers looking to refresh/remind themselves of the details. In addition, the information included for instructors is excellent; the Wag and Tone team really have considered every audience – establishing your own Wag and Tone classes would be breeze!
    The format of the book really caught my attention. Although I’m not a seasoned eBook reader, I read it on the smallest of smart phone screens with no problems at all – the well thought out layouts mean there’s no need for constant scrolling left and right, and zooming in and out. I would suggest using the recommended reader (ezPDFReader) as the videos sprang to life without any issues at all… something the standard Adobe Reader didn’t seem keen to support.
    Once you’ve had a read, I’m sure you’ll agree that the potential of Wag and Tone is limited only by your imagination – from a fun social get-together, a rehabilitation programme following injury (of handler or dog), right through to a strengthening and conditioning programme for your canine athlete. Wag and Tone has got it covered!

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