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I Wish I Could Sew: Scrappy Patchwork Mats

Sewing is in, there is no getting away from it, and there are sewing patterns everywhere showing WHAT to sew. But what if you need to learn HOW to sew? Not so much around. The I Wish I Could Sew! series by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier leads you gently through the maze of techniques, beginning with Scrappy Patchwork Mats

Scrappy Patchwork Mats illustrates each new skill with a cute little mat for your home. Starting with threading the needle for the first time and joining fabrics together, we go right up to an introduction to quilting. Best of all, there are videos that you can watch again and again – it’s not so easy to rewind a real teacher!

See Debbie von Grabler-Crozier’s video introduction to this ebook on YouTube.

Give yourself the gift of sewing, with the freedom to pick up a pattern and just get on with it.

Book Two of the series will build on these first skills by showing you how to create dimension and shape with gussets, zips and closures, opening up the world of . . . handbags!

ISBN: 978-1-906314-93-4 File Size: approx. 570Mb

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4 reviews for Scrappy Patchwork Mats

  1. Julie Briggs

    This is an e-book in PDF format written by sewing expert, Debbie von Grabler-Crozier. The packaging for the e-book is a nice compact DVD-style case that would sit happily on your bookshelf.
    I loaded the disk into the computer and the PDF file opened instantly. You will need Adobe Reader/Acrobat installed on your computer but this is free to download. There is a file for beginners – Beginners- click here. Very useful for those of you who aren’t used to handling e-books and this was very useful to read to get you started. I put the e-book into read mode so that I wasn’t distracted by all the menus above.
    Now to get stuck into the content! This e-book is aimed at absolute beginners and Debbie starts by explaining how to buy fabric and what to buy, including terminology that a beginner would not understand – a great introduction. She then teaches you how to ‘read’ a fabric to get a good contrast and some colour theory, which is very helpful. The e-book continues with discussions on washing fabrics and choosing wadding too. The first video is embedded in the wadding section and shows you how to join scraps of wadding – you will need a Flash player installed to view the video so install this if you need it.
    The videos in the e-book are clear and concise giving you a real visual lesson to help you if you are a beginner sewist.
    Debbie continues to add new terminology and little tips and hints on sewing that will be invaluable for a beginner. She leads you on to cutting and sewing circles, hand sewing, hand quilting (with video) and making Suffolk Puffs!
    So, onto the first project – Pretty Blues – a Suffolk Puff mat in shades of blue for you to sew. There is a list of exactly what you need and how to sew the mat – you can refer back to the earlier pages to get the techniques you need.
    The e-book proceeds on to using linen and other awkward fabrics, stamping on fabrics and the beginnings of machine sewing! She also explains about rotary cutting – I would have liked to see a video of how to do this as there is a definite technique to using this useful (but dangerous) piece of kit. The skills learnt are then consolidated into two more delightful projects. The e-book carries on adding new techniques including making bias binding, applique, mitring corners, free motion stitching and English Paper Piecing.
    The e-book covers many, many techniques and you will really gain a lot of knowledge from her tutorials. I like the projects – they are fresh and bright, the photography and videos are good and Debbie writes in an engaging and chatty style. All the templates you need are at the back of the e-book for you to print out full size, which is great too.
    This e-book would make a perfect gift for someone wanting to start out on a sewing journey.

    • Vivienne

      Hi Julie, Thanks so much for your thorough and positive review of Scrappy Patchwork Mats. It’s very helpful to customers to have your view of using the ebook format as well as your opinions on Debbie’s fabulous content. As you so aptly write, we are hoping it will be found by people wanting that perfect gift for someone wanting to start out on a sewing journey! Regards, Vivienne

  2. Vivienne

    that perfect gift for someone wanting to start out on a sewing journey!

  3. Vivienne

    ‘Scrappy Patchwork Mats by Debbie Von Grabler-Crozier is the perfect e book for a beginner sewer who needs a helping hand to get started in the world of patchwork and quilting. Debbie’s writing portrays her personality, sense of fun and love of cats! And makes interesting and informative reading.
    It’s nice to see a book that doesn’t take for granted the fact that not everyone knows how to thread a needle or tie a knot, and can gain enough confidence to make one or all of the fifteen projects included.
    Simple to use, I’d suggest reading from start to finish, then jump back and forward to the information or project you need simply by clicking on the blue words either in the text or the contents page.
    What makes an e book special is the video content, and there are many in this book, a lot of us learn quicker when shown techniques rather than written words.
    From choosing fabrics and tools, sewing in a straight line and understanding hand sewing, Debbie takes you on a journey through stamping on fabric, free motion embroidery, applique and embellishments all the way to becoming a successful sewer with pretty projects for your home, made from scraps of fabric that you may normally throw away.
    A must have for the not-so-confident sewer who wants to learn professional techniques and have fun in the process!’ – Debbie Shore

  4. Vivienne

    Book of the Month, Sewing World magazine June 2017
    ‘This is a fantastic ebook for those just starting out on their sewing journey. Unlike most sewing books, it does not take for granted that the reader already knows how to thread a needle or match seams or even knows what a seam is. In her chatty, warm and reassuring tone, sewing aficionado Debbie von Grabler-Crozier guides you through the basics; from demystifying sewing terminology to colour theory, to sewing in a straight line, right through to quilting and embellishment. Each new skill is explored through clear step-by-step instructions that result in cute little mats for your home. And best of all there are a variety of in-depth tutorials to accompany it.- Sewing World

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