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In Scrap House Quilt, Katharine Guerrier shows how to create her freely pieced house blocks and put them together to make your own lively and quirky scrap house quilt.
Quilts using this formula can be made any size, incorporating different elements and techniques: novelty fabric for gardens, farmyard or sky, curved seams for landscape panels, block samples left over from previous projects and oddments of fabric you will almost certainly have in your scrap bag.
Follow these guidelines and techniques, and watch the author demonstrating on the video clips, then add your ideas, orphan blocks and variations, to make your own unique quilt.
The interest is kept up as you work because decisions are made as you construct the quilt. It’s almost as if you can make it up as you go along!

‘I think that the use of the video for different techniques is very helpful and really helps to clarify things. It’s like having Katharine in the house to teach you. As always, Katharine shows you how to make your own quilt using her design elements, rather than giving you a pattern to make a quilt exactly like hers, that’s why she is such a great teacher.’- Lynn Cooke

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6 reviews for Scrap House Quilt

  1. Vivienne (verified owner)

    Review by Lynn Cooke: I really enjoyed this book. I think that the use of the video for different techniques is very helpful and really helps to clarify things. It’s like having Katharine in the house to teach you.As always, Katharine shows you how to make your own quilt using her design elements, rather than giving you a pattern to make a quilt exactly like hers, that’s why she is such a great teacher. I definitely think I shall be using the ideas to make some quilts for my grand daughters. they would love them.

  2. Vivienne (verified owner)

    Find out how to make quilts with free piecing techniques. This ebook contains all you need to know to make your own quilt using this technique. You can even watch Katharine herself demonstrating the technique. Once you understand the technique, you are free to apply it to your own creative projects. It’s just like having Katharine with you as a teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
    Karen Platt,

  3. Fiona Pullen

    This book contains detailed instructions on how to free piece house blocks to create your own unique quilt. You are encouraged to experiment with colours and fabrics to give your quilt its own story. It’s a great way to use up sample blocks or scraps that you have lying around.

    As well as colour step by step photos there are also embedded videos to demonstrate techniques in this book. It not only tells you how to make the main house blocks but also teaches several other blocks such as flying geese, 8 point star, double pin wheel, log cabin, a spinning star and many others to incorporate into the quilt or future projects. Which ones you decide to use, and where you choose to place them is entirely up to you, which is why you finish with a special quilt unique to you.

    • Vivienne (verified owner)

      Many thanks for the review Fiona – glad you liked Scrap House Quilt!

  4. Vivienne (verified owner)

    I make quilts to give to sick and disabled children, so am always looking for interesting patterns that will appeal to children, especially ones which can use the scraps of fabric which my friends give me. As I’m not a brilliant quilter, I do like simple instructions. These scrap house quilts look complicated, but the combination of on screen text and video are a wonderful way of showing how the make them. This should be the format for all ‘how to’ books. Mrs LP Antill, on

  5. jennie caminada

    I had been meaning to buy this book for ages, having somewhere seen a picture of the finished quilt. But I must say the formula put me off a bit. It is available either as a download or a CD rom. I like a paper book to be totally honest, if I am spending money. I have too many virtual books and I never look at them, and a CD rom would only get lost in my huge pile of (real) craft books. So I never bought it. I did however try my hand at making a block for this quilt, which looked fab and it inspired me to try and have a go at making a whole quilt based around houses and trees. But frankly I never would have done as I have never made flying geese blocks or pinwheel blocks and to gather all the info from all my different books meant I would have had this on my to do lost until I retired. At least.

    So when I was offered the chance to review one of Vivebooks I jumped at it. They have just released a gorgeous looking modern smocking book, in fact there are two, and I think they hoped I would review that but I was way too drawn to the Scrap house quilt book to not go for that.

    It was a right faff (for me, being impatient as I am) to download this ebook. I didn’t read the instructions, of course not, I just pressed the button and when it appeared not to do anything I pressed it again. And again until I had used up all my downloads. I emailed the editor who urged me to wait. The ebook has videos embedded in it and it is a big file. It just takes time. I grumbled and left the computer to it. I don’t like waiting! Anyway eventually it did download, but then I found I could not watch the videos. I tried everything, downloaded Adobe reader again, restarted the computer, still nothing. Poor Vivienne from Vivebooks got another, well more than one, email from me. She was trying to have a holiday too, bad me. Eventually we figured my Macbook was automatically opening it as a straight up PDF in its own reader, which wouldn’t display the links. I have never before had to open anything in the actual reader application before, but once I did it worked fine. If I had read the download instructions I am sure it would have been easier although I doubt I would have worked out to open the actual app. Luckily Vivienne was very helpful. She explained that having videos embedded in the ebook is really pushing the boundaries and of course Apple are not great at co-operating with third party software hence my Macbook’s refusal to read the file properly.

    Anyway. Long winded I know but I hope that means when you buy some books from their website ( you will not have the same issues.

    I am super glad I persevered though as the book is amazing and so much more than just any old quilting book. It teaches you lots of different techniques and having someone show you in a video how to make up a flying geese block is invaluable. A lot of people learn by being shown rather than reading it in words so this would really help all those people. Katharine, the writer/ teacher is amazing, I love the blocks and the freedom she gives you to just experiment and have a go, exactly the way I like teaching people. The only thing I did not like was the fabrics used but that is just me, and I am making mine in fun, bright, modern prints. I like that you don’t set out with a plan, you just add blocks as you go, I love working like that.

    All in all a giant thumbs up to this book, this format and this wonderful little publisher for bringing this innovative format to the world.

  6. Anita LaHay

    This book is so fun! What a fantastic way to use up our precious scraps of fabric. The whole idea of fussy cutting a novelty print to put in the windows of the houses is brilliant to me. Katharine Guerrier’s instructions are easy to follow and understand. The embedded instructional videos in the ebook make it like you are having a private class with the author but if you miss a point or need to see it again you can just replay the video.

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