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Kingfishers epattern, a One Simple Stitch embroidery design by Helen M Stevens

The kingfisher has been Helen’s signature bird since publication of her first book. The kingfisher’s glorious blue and orange plumage, coupled with its unmistakable sleek outline make it a delightful subject. This scene, with its majestic Emperor dragonfly, captures the essence of the riverside and explores several challenging techniques, all explained through Helen’s fascinating One Simple Stitch approach to hand embroidery.

experience level 2: download file size 19Mb

Helen M Stevens writes:

When I first created the designs for my One Simple Stitch ebook and charted them for use with the unique Directional Diagrams which have become synonymous with my method of describing my techniques, I had no idea whether the concept would be popular. It seemed a natural progression to develop my ‘live’ class methods into a way of teaching online, but would it work?

The answer has been a resounding ‘Yes’ and I have had so many requests to produce more of the same that I have created this new series of epatterns, charted in the same way. Ranging from relatively simple designs to more complex projects, I have given each an ‘Experience Level’ of 1–3, so that those who are a little less confident can begin at level 1, and then work their way through the other levels.

I recommend that you have on hand my ebook with video One Simple Stitch to check up on techniques. See also my videos on the Vivebooks Youtube channel: my personal video introduction to these epatterns plus demonstrations of several new stitches such as honeycomb stitch (Part 1 and Part 2) and laddering/needleweaving.

Each of these epatterns is typical of my own style of artwork, and I have, of course, worked each one myself, so that you can refer to the finished picture for all the details and character of your chosen piece.

From simple floral studies to magnificent wild animals, this series of designs captures the spirit of embroidery which I have, over the last 35 years, always tried to emphasise: the flexibility, beauty and, indeed, excitement of being able to recreate nature in just ‘One Simple Stitch’.

Enjoy this series of patterns, and please contact/follow me via my Facebook page or my website. Happy Stitching!


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  1. Vivienne

    ‘I have been studying my new patterns from Helen Stevens. They are impressive. Well organized, with clear illustrations. I referred back to “One Simple Stitch” and it was very helpful. ‘ – Holly Ortiz

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