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New ideas for creating exciting textile surfaces – for quilters and embroiderers, in this ebook in PDF format. Using innovative new techniques, top quilter Annette Morgan explains how to use existing textiles combined with sheer fabrics and stitching to create sumptuous new surfaces. She shows how to play with wire frames, wrapping, stitching, burning and appliqué to make creative squares. Using fabric as a base for piling on texture she adds paint to give surface decoration.

In Creative Fabric Techniques, Annette Morgan gives ideas for creating textiles from fabrics and those old pieces in the attic, and for creating new from something old – exactly what the painters used to do. Learn how to experiment with wadding, to create a textile base with which to work, also how to use your own images, transfer them to fabric and transform with stitch.

‘Annette Morgan, writes in a friendly but firm style – don’t procrastinate, do it! She explores a lot of popular mixed media methods, but her interpretations are fresh and interesting. Her work is lovely and having the ability to zoom right in on the details is a real bonus.’ – The Textile Directory

‘a great introduction to exciting ways with fabric.’-

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7 reviews for Creative Fabric Techniques

  1. Vivienne

    ‘Annette Morgan shows many ways to create fabrics using techniques such as layering, stitching, burning, applique, using scraps and wirework. You’ll also get tips on using transfers. Annette also adds paint, even emulsion paint to some of her fabrics. There are fabulous examples of her work. Some of the most outstanding are created using ‘trash quilts’ that would have ended up in the bin. Projects include making a needlecase and vases. This is a great introduction to exciting ways with fabric. In addition to the excellent instructions on techniques, you’ll learn a bit about Annette Morgan, there are suggestions to explore further through reading and you can also link directly to useful websites from the disk.’ –

  2. Vivienne

    This CD book explores different ways to create your own fabrics, offering innovative textile art techniques in an equally innovative format. Simpler methods such as layering scraps upon a fusible base, are complemented by more complex procedures such as burning through layers of cloth and incorporating unusual materials like candy wrappers. For the recycling minded art quilters there are many suggestions for creating fabric from discards, such as silk ribbons, buttonhole bands of old shirts, and even antique quilts [ did we mention antique quilts?!!]. Though the digital format might take some getting used to, its benefits are soon apparent; it enables you to easily transfer between topics and chapters, and even hyperlink to suppliers websites so that you’ll have the materials necessary to begin your own fabric making in no time.- Quilting Arts

  3. Vivienne

    Reviewed by Stitch, April/May2010.
    This CD book in PDF format is packed with gorgeous ideas – the only problem is deciding which one to try first. All of the techniques are clearly explained and after the initial ‘Wow!’ the next thought is, ‘I could do that.’
    Creating your own textile surfaces can be the starting point for exciting work and, following the instructions, every surface you make will be a little work of art in its own right. Discover how to pile on texture by playing with weaving, wrapping, burning, stitching, layering and even recycling unwanted and unfinished work. Once you’ve got the surface it’s time to transform it with stitch and other embellishments and there are instructions for making your innovative embroidery into finished items, including needlecases and vases.
    These CD books are very easy to use; as long as you know how to switch your computer on, you’ll soon have all the exciting ideas at your fingertips – and it’s great being able to zoom in on the pages to enlarge the text or take a closer look at the pictures.

  4. Vivienne

    Easy to use and richly illustrated, you’ll soon be playing and creating too! – The Quilter, Spring 2010

  5. Vivienne

    There are loads of ideas in this CD book (presented as a PDF file). It contains chapters on creating new fabrics, working on a wire frame, soldering techniques, image transfer plus lots more. Although many of the techniques have been seen before, they are all clearly explained and would be great for anyone new to creative
    textiles as they all give good results and are not too complicated to achieve.
    Some of the chapters are somewhat derivative – the chapter using wire frames covers techniques explored more fully by Val Campbell-Harding and there is an acknowledgement paid to Angie Hughes whose technique of layering and painting fabrics is used as a starting point in one project. However there are some interesting
    extensions in this section. A good piece on using old-fashioned transfers is followed by excellent ideas for reclaiming stitched disasters.
    The soldering iron and Image transfer sections are very strong with more in the way of innovation than is shown in the earlier chapters. The joy of the CDROM format is that you can make the pics big without losing definition and this is a real bonus where quilts are concerned. This CD is good value for money.- Workshop on the Web

  6. Vivienne

    She enthusiastically shares her new ideas and encourages experimenting . . .a quilt artist crossing the boundaries between quilting and embroidery. … Excellent detail, especially about the use of new products. Overall, an interesting, inspiring and informative book. I have the option to print pages I want, whenever I want, with the added advantage of feeling free to scribble my comments on them as I still have them on disk. – Judith Wilson for Popular Patchwork, April 2010.

  7. Vivienne

    Reviewed by Carole Kokinis (21 January 2010) for The Textile Directory

    Presented in an A5 plastic wallet with attractive insert, comes the latest innovation, a book on CD for textile enthusiasts. The 76 pages are in the form of a PDF file, which is easily opened, by putting the disc in the CD drive and following instructions. My OS is Windows XP home and my Adobe reader is version 9.3 – I had no problems. Anyone unfamiliar with reading this type of file, will find well written instructions on how to proceed.

    You can read through the book on screen, zoom in or out for details, use the bookmarks to find certain pages or techniques, enlarge the type and generally adapt the pages to your own taste. No need to download the book to your computer, taking up memory, read from the disc. Plus, storing the CD takes up much less space than a printed book.

    Annette Morgan, writes in a friendly but firm style – don’t procrastinate, do it! She explores a lot of popular mixed media methods, but her interpretations are fresh and interesting. Her work is lovely and having the ability to zoom right in on the details is a real bonus. The images are of good quality and extremely clear. The strength of the book is in design and technique, not step by step projects, though a couple are included. I printed off a project and again had no problems.

    On the suppliers page, the web addresses are clickable and take you straight to their websites. While a book on CD will never replace a printed book, they are ideal for this type of work, at a reasonable price.

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