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The corset is sexy, versatile, funky, and timeless. Wear one as underwear, or outerwear, with jeans, a dress, or trousers, or keep it strictly in the bedroom.  Making corsets is fun! A corset can be plain or fabulous, and tailored to a specific outfit or occasion.

As a bespoke garment is beyond the pocket of most people, the only way to achieve a good fit and comfort is to make your own corset. Happily, unlike many items of couture clothing, making a corset isn’t as difficult as it may seem. If you can sew a straight line, you can ‘build’ a corset. If you have never made a corset, but are comfortable behind a sewing machine, this ebook with video demonstrations is for you.

In Corset Making for beginners to intermediate, Julia Bremble passes on the most practical methods of corset building built up through years of making and research. She gives a good grounding of basic corset skills for beginners, and a source of inspiration, from where you can explore more innovative creations. Her professional corsetry techniques, tips and tricks will show you how to make a corset to fit any body, and help you create a polished result from a commercial pattern. You are on the way to making your first beautiful corset!

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‘an innovative resource. It is the first of its kind to use video, which many students will find easier and clearer to follow than dry text and illustrations’ – Cathy Hay of Foundations Revealed

‘If only this had existed when I made my first corset, I could have avoided some expensive mistakes.’ – Aitchlight via Amazon

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6 reviews for Corset Making

  1. Vivienne

    I have been eagerly awaiting this e-book ever since I heard Julia was writing it. This book is an illustrative guide to making a Victorian style corset, ideal for those who have never made a corset before. It starts off with a brief history of corsets and a discussion of the essential tools & equipment as well as tips on fitting.

    The book contains step by step instructions for each stage of making the corset, from measuring and building the framework to binding and embellishing the finished corset. There are many photos and very useful embedded video clips demonstrating the techniques you will need to make the corset (including various seam techniques, making bone casings and channels, embellishments etc).
    There are 2 projects at the end of the book – making a single layer corset and making a double layer corset (for more experienced corset makers). The great thing about the format of the book is that in the instructions for making the corsets there are hyper links back to the relevant guides, techniques or video clips to help you along the way.

    There is a wealth of information in this book, if you have ever considered making a corset this is the book for you.
    Review submitted on 2012-06-28 @ 14:47pm by Fiona

  2. Vivienne

    I love this book! It covers all the essentials a beginner needs to make a quality corset. If only this had existed when I made my first corset, I could have avoided some expensive mistakes.
    The section on roll pinning and turn of cloth is fantastic. I finally understand how to apply the techniques so I can get closer to a wrinkle free corset.
    Highly recommend for beginners and equally useful for the more experienced.
    Review submitted on 2012-08-01 @ 10:42am by Aitchlight via Amazon

  3. Vivienne

    Julia Bremble’s introduction to Corset Making is an innovative resource. It is the first of its kind to use video, which many students will find easier and clearer to follow than dry text and illustrations.

    The author’s warmth and enthusiasm come through in spades as she takes you by the hand and guides you through a subject that can, at first, be intimidating. The section on turn of cloth is particularly well placed, allowing readers to bypass the wrinkly pitfalls that can plague the beginner.

    Full projects with handy worksheets for the sewing table complete this unique guide for the aspiring corsetmaker. – Cathy Hay of Foundations Revealed

  4. Vivienne

    Thank you very much to Lucy (of Lucy’s Corsetry) for this exceptionally wonderful review of Corset Making, by video. She says: ‘I can’t recommend this ebook highly enough. Probably the best book that I have read to date on corset making.’!

  5. Kate Sews

    This is the first technical eBook I have read and also the first book on corsetry. I wanted to read this book as I would love to try and make a corset sometime in the future and now having read it I’m glad I didn’t just go buy a corset pattern and try to make one off the bat! There is so much more to corset making than I had originally imagined- negative ease and pressure points to take into consideration for example- and this book covers it well.
    The author (Julia Bremble) states that her aim of this book is “pass on the most practical methods of corset building knowledge, built up through years of making corsets and researching the subject in many different, and sometimes hard to find, places. ”
    And that she hopes it will be
    “a good beginner’s grounding, an intermediate’s reference and a source of inspiration.”
    As a would-be novice corset maker I think this will be a very useful introduction to the craft.

    This book includes videos of the author demonstrating various techniques, plus an introduction video from the author herself which is lovely as you get to see a bit of what the person behind the book is like. Highlighted words within the book will are linked back to more detailed explanations, which make it easy to look up a particular word definition or technique as you go along – rather than having to scroll back through all the pages. If you are internet connected while reading there are hyperlinks listed within the book and at the online resources section at the end of the book, which when clicked will take you directly the site. Other features of using this eBook is the ability to print off pages for future reference and to zoom in on photos or text – great for late night reading! This and other hints for making the most of the e-book format are given in a section at the beginning of the book.
    Plenty of high quality photographs are given in this book, in fact I am pretty sure that every technique or material/tool mentioned has at least 1 good quality clear photograph accompanying it. Quite often there are several photographs showing step by step how to do something plus a video as well, wonderful if you are someone who has to see something done to “get it”.
    Julia writes in a very engaging manner for such a technical topic and clearly explains everything so that the beginner – like me!- can understand what she is saying without having to analyse and reread each section.
    I would recommend this book as a must have to anyone who is seriously looking into making a corset for the first time. Speaking to an experienced dressmaker friend (who has actually made corsets throughout her career) about this book she said that the author’s blog is highly regarded as a good source of information on corset making. Considering the amount of effort that can go into making a corset (not to mention money if you want to use the better quality material) this book could be very useful in helping you to avoid time consuming and/or costly mistakes and possibly make the whole experience a lot more fun, creative and exciting, like sewing should be 

  6. AnaJan

    “Corset Making for beginners to intermediate” by Julia Bremble is an ebook, in PDF format, accompanied by several video tutorials, hyperlinks to more detailed explanations of terms and techniques and lots of pictures and illustrations on total of 97 pages. It is a comprehensive guide that provides all the information about Victorian era corsets and their construction.

    The book contains several chapters, starting with an introduction to the author, Julia Bremble. Following are chapters describing history of corsets and their function, the way they work and gives some advice on basic fitting. The book next provides you with information about all the tools one needs when constructing a corset, describes different boning types and the hardware the corset is constructed of, and enlists all the fabrics and notions required for building a corset. You’ll learn about the ease the corset needs, how to fit the pattern and make a toile/muslin. Finally, the book gives two examples of corset constriction – single layered and double layered corsets. I wish the book had information on drafting a corset pattern. Instead, you’re advised to use the corset pattern which can be bought from the website, but I think other commercial patterns could be used too.

    The book is intended for beginner to intermediate skill level. Even though all the needed information is enlisted in the book (detailed instructions for garment construction, all the techniques are explained with clear illustrations and / or photographs and videos), I don’t think corset making is appropriate for absolute beginners. The author herself states “If you are comfortable behind a sewing machine, have a good working knowledge of basic sewing techniques and can sew a straight line, you can build a corset.”, which means that one needs to have some sewing experience, but one can be a beginner in corset construction.

    Last year I made a dress with boned corset built in it, but I wish I had read this book before I started working on it. I think the methods and techniques described in the book can be applied on various styles of corsets (i.e. with bust cups), and on boned strapless dresses, and I’m sure I’ll use the learnt in the future.

    AnaJan Stepalica (

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