Beaded Orchid Pot Plant: Pattern


Beaded Orchid Pot Plant Pattern is a supplementary project to the ebook, Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets, by Katie Dean.  It uses the instructions and techniques of the French-beaded orchid flowers from that ebook. Katie then teaches you how to make leaves and assemble everything into an orchid plant in a pot.

You will need:

Size 11 seed beads, beading wire in sizes 24ga (0.5mm) and 28ga (0.315mm), floral stem tape, stem stiffening wire, embroidery silk, plant pot of your choice, oasis for planting the orchid

Experience and Techniques

Beaded Orchid Pot Plant Pattern is an intermediate level project. You will be using the ‘basic’ technique, loop techniques, and the lacing technique. These are demonstrated in video clips in the Katie Dean’s ebooks, Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets , and Beaded Wedding Flowers & Corsages.

For more information about Katie Dean’s work, go to her website: Bead Flowers


Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets, book by Katie Dean

Bead Flowers, Katie Dean, French beaded flowers, ebook with video, download or CD from Vivebooks

Beaded Wedding Flowers & Corsages by Katie Dean











Beaded Orchid Pot Plant Pattern is in PDF format. Size: 325KB


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