Playing the videos in our ebooks

Posted on the 03/11/2016

Vivebooks ebooks are enhanced ebooks in pdf format, with embedded video (so the video is always downloaded with the file). Your browser that downloads the file will probably open the ebook but it will not play the videos.

Once the file has downloaded, save it to your desktop/computer then open it from within Adobe Reader/Acrobat.  

Also, many computers are programmed to open pdf files with their own pdf readers, which are not as good as Adobe Reader/Acrobat and often don’t play the videos. You can re-set your computer’s preferences to use Adobe Reader/Acrobat to open pdf files. 

There is lots of information and guidance on our website. Go to:



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2 Responses to Playing the videos in our ebooks

  1. Rachel Smith wrote:

    Hi, I bought the ebook from Julia bremble on corset making and she pointed me in your direction to help me in how I can convert it to my iPad. I couldn’t find the instruction so please could you advise

    • Vivienne wrote:

      Hi Rachel, thanks for contacting us. There is lots of information on the FAQ page of our website, and on the Important Information page. This explains how to transfer our ebooks to your iPad once they have been downloaded to your computer. It should also apply to an ebook bought on CD. Let us know how you get on. Regards Vivienne