Katie’s Beading for Ukraine

Vivebooks author Katie Dean has created a beading pattern to raise funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Katie writes:

I am best known for my little beaded trinket boxes. So, that seemed a logical style to use. But what kind of box?

Well, something else you may not know about the Ukraine: they have a marvellous ballet school in Kyiv. It actually trained two of my all-time favourite dancers (Alina Cojocaru and Ivan Putrov).

And, of course, this is another personal link – my love of ballet and its wonderful heritage in both Ukraine and Russia. 

As I was seeking inspiration for this project, what popped into my head was a beaded tutu in the colours of the Ukraine.

Ordinarily, I would sell this tutorial to earn my income. So, I am still ‘selling’ the tutorial, but not to earn money for me: instead, to raise money for the DEC Ukraine appeal.

I am inviting you to make a donation here. The email receipt you receive will contain a link to download your personal copy of this beading tutorial.

If I were selling this tutorial in the normal way, I would charge £10 for it. So, I would like to invite a minimum donation of £10 (feel free to go higher if you wish!) in return for which, as I say, you will receive a copy of this tutorial, teaching you how to make your own tutu beaded box.

I have set a pretty ambitious fund-raising target (based on what I would normally earn from this kind of tutorial), but I am hoping that we can all pull together and reach it…even exceed it!

For full details, go to Katie’s JustGiving page.

Katie Dean's Beading for Ukraine
Katie Dean's Beaded Tutu for Ukraine