Latest news on reading our ebooks and playing video

Adobe have released a new version of Adobe Reader Acrobat (free) which DOES play the embedded video in our ebooks. So there is no more trouble with error messages regarding Flash player. Phew! This is for desktop computers and laptops.

The version you need is 2021.001.20135

To use our ebooks on iPad and iOS we recommend Dropbox, which does play the videos (see more in our Important Information). Abobe Reader mobile app will not play the videos (why, oh why, when Dropbox can!).

There are still some bugs. One applies to some Windows machines, which show a black screen with green audio line where there should be video. There is a workaround for this if you are happy changing settings on your computer (click here for instructions).

Also, the controllers on the videos are not appearing. Apparently there is a Windows bug so Adobe have removed this facility until it gets sorted! In the meantime you can click on the video to get a window which allows you to ‘cancel content’ – this stops the video playing.

We will update our information as soon as there is more news.