Mr Robin's Christmas Wreath

Our Christmas gift to all our customers comes in the shape of the irresistible Mr Robin and his Christmas Wreath. 

Huge thanks to Helen M Stevens for this fabulous Christmas project in honour of our new website.

Helen is the author of One Simple Stitch, and our range of One Simple Stitch epatterns.

Mr Robin’s Christmas Wreath

Mr. Robin has found himself a lovely, natural wreath for Christmas, and he cannot resist the temptation to pose for us! This design could be used to create a picture, or to make a very special card, or could even be mounted on a circular backing and used as a Christmas tree decoration.

The Template may be enlarged or reduced as you wish, but the original was worked at 12cm diameter (approx. 4.75 inches).

The colour chart is created using generic colours so that you may choose what type of thread you wish to use. The original is worked in sleave (untwisted) silk, but any thread suitable for ‘flat’ embroidery is fine. Use a gauge of thread approximately equivalent to a single strand of Anchor or DMC stranded cotton throughout unless otherwise stated.

Choose metallic threads which can be used entire (same gauge as above) or separated out into finer ‘single’ strands if possible.

DOWNLOAD the full project, including template, colour chart and full instructions.

Merry Christmas!