Charlotte Lace Earrings

These lovely Charlotte Lace Earrings are a free project from Tiaras and Bridal Jewellery by Jema Hewitt. 

Tiaras and Bridal Jewellery shows you how to make a special beaded tiara for your wedding, prom or party. And how to create earrings, bracelets or a necklace to match.

Professional costume designer Jema Hewitt shows how to make spectacular tiaras – funky or classic – all using beads and wire. And if you want to start designing your own tiaras, here are all the techniques you need.

‘This book is great! The designs are beautiful, and its easy to make something totally unique. The only trouble will be having enough opportunities to wear your lovely creations!!!’ – Rhoslyn Sherman

Charlotte Lace earrings
Charlotte Lace Earrings

These magical little globes and drops are the perfect addition to the fairytale glamour of the Charlotte Tiara. They show another use of the pretty wire wrapping technique to create your own special fancy bead at the head of the drop.

You will need (Rose Bookmark):

  • 50cm (20in) of 4mm gold-plated wire

  • 2 gold eyepins

  • 2 gold fishhooks

  • 2 × 8mm AB bicone crystal beads

  • 2 × 4mm bicone crystal beads

  • 2 × 5mm bicone crystal beads

  • 8 gold seed beads

  • 8 assorted 3mm bicone crystal beads and pearl beads

  • Flat-nosed pliers

  • Round-nosed pliers

  • Cutting pliers

1. Cut the wire into two strips of 25cm (10in). On one piece create a tiny wrapped loop by looping the wire around the very tip of the round-nosed pliers. Grip the loop in flat-nosed pliers, wrap the tail around the stem wire very neatly three times close together. Snip close to the stem.

2. Thread on the 8mm bicone crystal bead and create another wrapped loop at the other end, but don’t trim it.

3. Thread on a gold seed bead, pass the wire over the crystal to the other side, then wrap around the loop to secure.

4. Continue threading on gold seed beads, 3mm crystals and pearl beads and wrapping until the 8mm bicone crystal is pleasingly covered. Don’t make it too dense, as you want to be able to see the pretty crystal underneath. Wrap the wire securely round a loop and snip close to the stem to neaten.

5. Make the drop as follows. Thread three bicone crystal beads and two gold seed beads onto a headpin, as in the photo (5mm crystal, seed bead, 4mm crystal, seed bead, 3mm crystal). Make a headpin loop at the top using the round-nosed pliers. Snip the wire close to the stem.

6. Attach the drop to the beaded 8mm bicone crystal by twisting the loop on the drop open, threading on the crystal bead and twisting shut again.

7. Add the fishhook on the other end of the beaded crystal in the same way, and repeat the process for the other earring.

8. Repeat the process to make the second earring.

Charlotte Lace Earrings, step 2
Charlotte Lace Earrings, step 2
Charlotte Lace Earrings, step 3
Charlotte Lace Earrings, step 3
Charlotte Lace Earrings, step 4
Charlotte Lace Earrings, step 4
Charlotte Lace Earrings, step 5
Charlotte Lace Earrings, step 5
Charlotte Lace Earrings, step 6
Charlotte Lace Earrings, step 6
Charlotte Lace Earring
Charlotte Lace Earring, complete
Charlotte Tiara, necklace and earrings
Charlotte Tiara, with matching necklace, and Charlotte Lace Earrings