Free Love Heart Jewellery Project

This Love Heart necklace and earring design in fabulous turquoise is a great project for beginners.

It is an extract from Making More Beaded Jewellery by Barbara Case, available on our website as a download.

All techniques are covered in detail in the ebook itself.


Love Heart Project 1, from Making More Beaded Jewellery by Barbara Case




I think nearly all women like jewellery that incorporates a heart, and from experience, there is scarcely a natural stone better loved than turquoise. So, as this set features both, I suspect that it will be one of the most popular in the book!

It is easy to make and even complete beginners could make both necklace and earrings with a really professional result.

These flat oval beads are natural but polished turquoise, which you may find relatively expensive. However, if the cost is prohibitive, you will find many beads of similar size and shape available to you as substitutes. One option could be to follow the design but use imitation glass pearl beads that are available in a wide range of colours.

Necklace Ingredients

1 gold-plated heart pendant, 14 × 12mm

124 flat oval turquoise beads, 8 × 6mm

2 gold-plated bead caps, 3mm

5 gold-plated 2-hole spacer bars

1 gold-plated bail

1 ‘gold’ headpin

4 goldfill crimp beads

1 gold-plated double-strand toggle clasp

4 × 8mm (⅜in) lengths of ‘gold’ gimp

61cm (24in) length of nylon-coated wire

51cm (20in) length of nylon-coated wire

Earring Ingredients

2 flat oval turquoise beads, 6 × 8mm

2 gold-plated looped links, 10mm

2 gold-plated bead caps, 4mm

2 ‘gold’ jump rings, 5mm

2 ‘gold’ headpins

1 pair of goldfill ear-hooks

If your beads are different sizes to those used here, it may be advisable not to attach the clasp until you have checked that the necklace will sit properly when worn. So, refer to Step 1 of Summer Sky, page 26, to apply inexpensive crimp beads temporarily so that at the end of threading you can adjust the numbers of beads on either length of wire.

Necklace Method

1. Referring to the photograph for the design, use the headpin to make up the pendant and attach it to the bail, following the instructions for Method 7, page 12.

2. Using two of the lengths of gimp and two crimp beads, attach one end of each of the lengths of nylon-coated wire to each loop of one part of the clasp, following the instructions for Method 2, page 10.

3. Referring to the photograph for the threading sequence, thread the beads and spacer bars onto both lengths of wire separately, being careful to count the numbers of beads between the spacers and the bail. Don’t forget to thread on the bail and pendant in the appropriate place on the inner strand of the necklace.

4. Attach the other ends of the two lengths of wire to the remaining part of the clasp, as in Step 2, to complete your necklace.

Earring Method

To make the earrings, simply refer to the photograph for the design and follow the instructions for Method 7, page 12, to suspend the beads on a headpin from the loop link and then attach to the ear-hook with a jump ring.

Making More Beaded Jewellery by Barbara Case