For the beginner sewist!

Posted on the 23/03/2017

Fabulous new review just in for I Wish I Could Sew: Scrappy Patchwork Mats.

Julie Briggs of The Sewing Directory has written very positively about Debbie von Grabler-Crozier’s new ebook – its content and its format.

‘The videos in the e-book are clear and concise giving you a real visual lesson to help you if you are a beginner sewist.’

‘The e-book covers many, many techniques and you will really gain a lot of knowledge from her tutorials. I like the projects – they are fresh and bright, the photography and videos are good and Debbie writes in an engaging and chatty style. All the templates you need are at the back of the e-book for you to print out full size, which is great too.
This e-book would make a perfect gift for someone wanting to start out on a sewing journey.’

To read the full review go to the product page and look under reviews.

Scrappy Patchwork Mats by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier.

Scrappy Patchwork Mats by Debbie von Grabler-Crozier. The REAL beginner’s guide to sewing and quilting. Ebook with embedded videos, in PDF format. Available as a download or CD-Rom from Vivebooks.


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