Deviant Modern Machine Quilting

Deviant Modern Machine Quilting

Deviant Modern Machine Quilting, by Linzi Upton

Deviant Modern Machine Quilting,

by Linzi Upton


We are delighted to announce the publication of Linzi Upton’s new ebook with video.

ISBN 978-1-906314-86-6

There are no hard and fast rules in quilting. Any ‘rules’ can be bent or broken. Quilting is the freedom to express your creativity using whatever ideas or materials take your fancy. This is the ethos of Linzi Upton’s Deviant Modern Machine Quilting.

Quilting projects might be useful, practical or for exhibitions, but they should always be enjoyable or fun, and interesting to work on. Deviant Modern Machine Quilting gives you the confidence to develop your own inspiration, such as the colours and texture of your local landscape, rather than following another person’s pattern.

You can make something completely ‘off the wall’ or just a small book cover, using modern patchwork and quilting, on a domestic or long-arm machine.

Linzi’s idiosyncratic mix of techniques and practical projects – alongside her video demonstrations – will inspire you to try out a fusion of skills and ideas, and then create more original quilts.

As Linzi says: ‘I used to aspire to traditional quilt designs which I found difficult to replicate, but now I enjoy working on my unique style which is as individual as my handwriting. Crucially, I am always prepared to DEVIATE from whatever the original plan might have been – if there even was a plan in the first place’.

Linzi Upton

Linzi Upton

Linzi Upton, author of Deviant Modern Machine Quilting, ebook with video


Linzi Upton is an award winning quilter, mostly self taught, and well-known for large idiosyncratic 3D textile installations such as her Quilted Yurt, full-sized Smart car cover, and The Quilted Coracle. A second yurt is curated by The Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts in Cedarburg USA. The coracle won the 3D Creations category at Festival of Quilts 2013.

Linzi’s quilt Odin’s Trilogy was placed second at MQX West in 2013 and she won an award for Merit Machine Quilting at the prestigious IQA Houston show in 2012.

Linzi Upton is married with 3 children and lives in the beautiful Scottish countryside with a collection of pets and occasionally rare-breed pigs. Her website has a weekly blog charting her quilting adventures and exploits.