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From: Mrs. Laura L——

Subject: modern smocking

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I wanted to buy the books modern smocking I think they are wonderful but, I don’t have a e-book. Do you have a regular book and cd? I’m older and still love the older book way of things 🙂 thank you very much and have a great day !


Dear Laura,

Thanks for getting in touch. The books we produce are all in digital format (ebooks) because they contain high quality images that you can zoom right in (unlike a printed book) plus they have video with Debbie Shore (the author) showing you how to do the techniques, something that a conventional book will never be able to do. I agree that there is something wonderful about the printed book  but we wanted to offer something else. All of these books are viewable on any computer and most tablets (you don’t need a special ebook reader) using Adobe Reader – a free download. AND you can print out any of the pages on your home computer. So we are trying to offer something a bit different. You’ll find a lot more information on our website at and quite a few of the reviews start off with the sort of observations you make, but then say how good they found our digital books – so now you need both – one doesn’t replace the other! I hope you feel you want to give it a try!

Kind Regards

Trevor Wiggins

for and on behalf of Vivebooks>


Dear Trevor,

Thank you so much for getting back with my answers. It all sounds wonderful! and I’ll be ordering the e-book in the future.

many blessing to you

Mrs. Laura L—–