Beaded Boxes is now published!

Posted on the 16/11/2019

How to make Beaded Boxes by Katie Dean is now published and available to purchase as a download or on disk.

If you purchase the download, note that it is a very large file (1.1GB) so it takes a substantial amount of time to download, depending on your download speed.

When you click on the download link it looks as though nothing is happening because browsers are rubbish at showing there is a download in progress. But if you click again, this cancels the download in progress and starts a new one. If you continue to click you will run out of download permissions.

So, click once, then go and make a cuppa or even have a shower if your download speeds are slow!

Once the ebook appears in your browser, click on it to select it, then save it to your computer. Your browser will open the pages but will not play the embedded videos. So, open Adobe Reader/Acrobat and select/open the ebook from within Adobe.

Beaded Boxes by Katie Dean

How to make Beaded Boxes by Katie Dean


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