Bead Flowers & Corsages

Posted on the 01/08/2016

Bead Flowers & Corsages

Bead Flowers & Corsages, ebook with video by Katie Dean

New title! Bead Flowers & Corsages by Katie Dean. Available now as a download or on disk. See the video of Katie introducing her new book .

This is a development of Katie’s successful first book for Vivebooks, Bead Flowers & Wedding Bouquets. In Bead Flowers and Corsages, Katie introduces further and more advanced techniques and gives instructions for specific flowers which are then used to make beaded corsages and buttonholes.

If you are wondering how these two titles work together, in Bead Flowers & Corsages Katie refers to the techniques and patterns described in Bead Flowers & Wedding Bouquets, so the two books make an ideal pair.

Bead Flowers and Wedding Bouquets, book by Katie Dean

Bead Flowers, Katie Dean, French beaded flowers, ebook with video, download or CD from Vivebooks


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