About Trevor

Trevor Wiggins was Editor of the Journal of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology for 5 years, and Director of Music at Dartington College of Arts, UK for 19 years.

An acknowledged authority on West African music, Trevor Wiggins has been studying and playing Ghanaian drums and xylophones for more than twenty years, often with Ghanaian master drummer Johnson Kemeh. Trevor has written previous books and many articles on the subject. Using his training as a musician and teacher, he explains in simple terms what you need to know.

Listen to Trevor Wiggins talking about his work, learning and researching in Ghana.

Johnson Kemeh was Senior Instructor in African Music at the University of Ghana in Accra. He grew up developing drumming skills in the Ewe community of south-east Ghana and became recognised as a master drummer in that tradition. Moving to the capital, Accra, he was employed by the University as a performer and instructor and has subsequently mastered many other drumming styles as well as developing his skills in teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds.

African Drumming Workshop: Ageshe from Ghana

African Drumming Workshop: Kpatsa from Ghana