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Sue Holstead is Director of FunforDogs Ltd, a fun dog training centre based at Wagalot Barn, near Salisbury. She originally set up Funfordogs in 2005 as a centre for pet dog training. She has been training dogs using positive methods for over 20 years, and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

In 2000 Sue Holstead attended the first International Dog Training School which involved two years of part-time study under some of the top trainers in the World including Turid Rugaas of Norway, the renowned expert on stress in dogs.

In her early years with dogs she competed in obedience and agility with her Golden Retrievers. Sue has owned and trained a variety of gundogs in the past and now lives with Dexi, her rescue terrier from the Dogs Trust. Dexi first took to the stage long before Wag & Tone as Dorothy’s dog Toto in the Wizard of OZ at Salisbury Playhouse.

The ideas for many of the Wag & Tone activities originated in general classes for regular members attending Funfordogs. It soon became clear how easy it was to get focus from a dog who was easily distracted, how dogs showing signs of stress soon forgot their worries in the enjoyment of the moment, and how owners and dogs alike appreciated being able to practise all at the same time without needing to wait around for others to finish.

We thank all of these dogs and their owners for their early participation, which has helped us to develop Wag & Tone. It soon became clear that Wag & Tone was living up to the name of the place where it started, FunforDogs at Wagalot Barn!

Sue Holstead said, ‘It has been great to work with Karen and Ruth, both very professional dog trainers, to bring Wag & Tone to a much wider audience, so we can all have more FUN with our dogs.’

For information about Sue Holstead and FunforDogs go to:

Funfordogs: http://www.funfordogs.co.uk/

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