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Wag & Tone

Ruth MacGill, is an agility coach, competitor and handler fitness coach to the KC International Agility Team. She owns a Hungarian Viszla and a Kelpie. Ruth has played sport to a high standard throughout her life and began dabbling in dog agility only a few years ago, before it became her main sport. She has a degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences and numerous sports coaching qualifications. She prides herself on maintaining a high standard of fitness for agility and life in general. Given her interests and experience, Wag & Tone was a natural progression for Ruth.

‘When you see how well dogs work with their owners you begin to see the potential Wag & Tone has in building a mutual relationship, which has a physical benefit for both. High energy dogs that come to class soon calm and their energy is dissipated. As for the owners, well, they too relax, yet are energised by the enjoyment.

I will always remember taking part in one of our Christmas Wag & Tone classes with my Hungarian Vizsla, Inka. She is normally easily distracted during her agility classes but just performed brilliantly and simply loved it. Wag & Tone is a great way to build your relationship with your dog, help you keep fit and have some fun either in a class or just in your own front living room.’ – Ruth MacGill

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