Katie Dean

Katie Dean

Katie Dean is a prizewinning beader, teacher and author. She sells patterns and kits though her company Bead Flowers, and has published her own bead­ing books. Her ebooks with Vivebooks include the bestselling Bead Flowers & Wedding Bouquets and Beaded Christmas Decorations.

Katie has won beading competitions in the UK and USA, nota­bly twice winning the Beadwork biennial competition. At the British Bead Awards 2010 she won Best in Show; in 2012 she won a second and third place. In 2009 she reached the semi-finals of the International Swarovski ‘Create Your Style’ competition.

During 2014–17, Katie was editor of the UK’s leading beading magazine, Bead and Jewellery. She has filmed TV shows for the Craft Channel and Jewellery Maker TV and, since 2015, has been a member of the internationally renowned design team, the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad.

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Contact Katie via her website: www.beadflowers.co.uk