About Karen

Karen Laker, agility instructor and competitor at the top level for over 20 years, is very interested in how fitness in handler and dog can improve performance.

Karen Laker is the author of Wag & Tone, presenting a series of simple, fun exercises done to music, which are designed to improve the bond between dog and handler, and help them both to get fit and healthy.

Studying for an ICAT Canine Massage Therapy Diploma, made Karen realise how important it is to build core stability and balance for dogs who are involved in agility. The exercises that eventually came to be Wag & Tone are used regularly in puppy foundation and in rehabilitation.

Being keen to look at an all round picture for producing the best results in agility, Karen looked at her own fitness. Having had a couple of broken ankles and suffering occasionally from a bad back, she discovered that core stability and balance are key for agility handlers as well as their dogs. 

This was the beginning of the Wag & Tone programme, which Karen developed with Sue Holstead (professional dog trainer) and Ruth McGill (fitness coach).

Karen and her husband Mark own six border collies and a terrier called Pikachu. Mark is Director of Agility 1st, and former the former KC International Agility Team Manager.

For more information about Karen, and to read the Lakers’ blog, go to: The Lakers 

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