About Heather

Heather Kingsley-Heath is a beading and textile designer, teacher, author, and owner of Heatherworks: beadwork jewellery designs and kits. Her work appears frequently in UK magazines.

She is constantly researching crafts in many cultures, and her work includes advising indigenous people on how to create craft goods that can sustain a meaningful income.

Heather describes her ‘passion for shiny things and the simple joys of creating.

Each design is made because I love to wear beadwork. Next it is taught in classes and workshops because much of my year is taken up visiting to teach groups and travelling to shows and events.

I love it because every class is different, but they each have at their heart the pure pleasure of beading together.  The moment when an idea clicks for a beginner is magical, equally so, when an experienced beader turns at the end of the day to say they have had a great day and discovered something new.’

Bead Net: New ideas for Netted Beadwork by Heather Kingsley-Heath presents original ideas on bead netting (netted beadwork) techniques, with instructions for innovative projects.

‘interesting and well illustrated . . . Concise instructions, clear diagrams and excellent photos combine with compelling background information to make an accessible study of this stitch. . . A photo gallery of colorful and ethnically diverse netted beadwork from around the world will inspire beaders to create their own projects’ – Bead and Button magazine