Debbie von Grabler-Crozier

Debbie von Grabler-Crozier has been a craft writer for over 20 years and in that time has written eight books, presented and produced a television show and dabbled in radio (science talkback so it doesn’t really count). In a previous lifetime she was a respectable scientist with a special interest in the prevention of illness and in particular the big C. She is addicted to study and loves exams.

Now craft has taken over her life completely and she works from her home studio with her two Cocker Spaniels, Sally and Daisy (for help and a dose of bossiness). In her spare time, she enjoys crochet, physics and boxing for fitness. See more of her work at

Debbie is the author of the I Wish I Could Sew! ebooks. The first book of the series, Scrappy Patchwork Mats, is now available to buy as an instant download or mailed to you on a CD.