About Chris

Chris Hammacott is the author of Harris Tweed Appliqué.

For over 30 years Chris has been writing about, teaching, and designing textiles. Trained as a weaver, she has taught City & Guilds from her own distance learning centre. Chris was expelled from her first needlecraft lesson at school and since that experience has vowed to make textiles fun! Her motto is: ‘if you like it, do it some more.’

Chris’s designs have appeared in quilting magazines in Australia, Europe, the USA and UK. She writes two regular magazine columns.

In 2012, Chris Hammacott and her husband Andrew moved to a small croft on the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. In her workshop there, Chris taught all aspects of ‘Harris Tweed’, from spinning and natural dyeing to designing items made from the wonder cloth. Andrew would weave ‘Harris Tweed’ in the old weaving shed.

Since then Chris and Andrew have created Pocket House Studio, a business making hand woven rugs out of no-kill fleeces, often from traditional and rare breeds of sheep, and alpaca. You can read more about this and life on the croft on their Facebook page. See also their YouTube channel.

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