Important Info


Vivebooks are published as PDF files delivered as a download to your computer or as a CD or DVD (physical product) sent to you in the mail. The book is identical however you buy it. We use pdf files as they give you additional benefits over other ebook formats:

  • The pdf is the most widely used format, playable on many different types of computer equipment.
  • You can easily print pages from our ebooks and the page will look as it does on screen. We set the page size of our ebooks so that they will print on both A4 and US letter sizes with no adjustment required.
  • The pdf can contain text, hi-res photos, audio and video files.
  • You own the ebook. You can transfer it to another computer, it doesn’t only play on one machine (such as the Kindle), and you are not ‘leasing’ it so that your ownership lapses when that computer stops being used. The only limitations are legal ones, for example you can’t give a copy to someone else although you could give it to another person IF you delete it from your computer, although the nicest thing would be to buy them their own copy! Do remember though that this is YOUR copy once downloaded and you may want to back it up to another hard drive. We don’t have a responsibility to provide you with another copy if you lose yours.

What do I need to read a Vivebooks ebook?

Many of our recent publications contain video (sometimes audio) clips embedded in the file. These are fully compatible with PC and Mac computers as well as tablets running iOS (e.g. iPad), Android or Kindle platforms. You do need to make sure that you use the right software to view the files, which means Adobe Acrobat Reader for the Mac or PC, the latest Dropbox app on iOS (5.2.2 or later) or ezPDFReader on Android—please see our FAQ page for more information about this.

Downloading to a PC or Mac

You should be able to just click on the links in your order completion email and the browser will start to download the file, usually to the ‘Downloads’ folder of your computer. Just give it time. If you keep clicking, you will restart the download – see ‘Download or CDROM’ below.

It’s best to copy the file from ‘Downloads’ to somewhere on your computer that you can find it easily. To open the file, DON’T just click on it. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader, then in Reader, go to ‘File’ (top left), ‘Open’ and navigate to where you have saved your ebook. The reason for this is that otherwise your computer will probably try to open the ebook with a different program that won’t play the video.

We have had a very few comments from people working on a Mac who get just a white space where the video should be, in spite of following all the instructions. This seems to be a problem with downloading using Safari. If you get this error, please try your download again using a different browser – Google Chrome or Firefox.

Downloading to a tablet computer (e.g. iPad)

Our experience suggests that it is often quicker and simpler to download your chosen ebook to your computer first, then transfer/sync it to your tablet. For advice on how to sync the file from your computer to the tablet, see the FAQ page. If you want to download directly to your iPad, here are the instructions as the standard iPad apps can’t cope (the browsers quit before completing the download of our large files that include video).

Basic Instructions for iOS. For Android, use ezPDF when the instructions say ‘Dropbox’

  1. Go to the Apple store: download and install the Dropbox app. Also download and install iDownloads+ (free).
  2. Copy the download link from the Vivebooks email and paste it into the address bar of the browser window on iDownloads+. Select Download from the popup window, then switch to the File Manager tab (bottom of screen) so you can monitor the progress of the download.
  3. When the download is complete, tap on the arrow to the right of the filename, select Open With, then Dropbox. Vivebook opens in Dropbox.

Instructions if you are a complete beginner on the iPad:

The iPad is a powerful little computer but the software that Apple provides will not do the job, so you have to get a couple of other Apps first. This is not difficult and once you have installed them, you can use them every time in the future (and for other things).

  1. To open the PDF files AND play the video you will need to  install the Dropbox app. Other programs on the iPad will open the PDF but the video won’t work.
  2. While you’re on the App store, download and install iDownloads+ (free). You need this because Safari, Chrome, and all the other iPad browsers crash when they try to download our large files – but not until nearly the end when you have wasted a lot of time!
  3. Don’t worry about the warnings about ‘adult content’ in iDownloads+, these are just there because the App shows adverts and they don’t want to get into trouble if they show something that some people might not want children to see. Also, when you are installing this, it will ask if you want to allow push notifications. We suggest you select ‘don’t allow’ as you don’t need this for the app to work. Ignore any inducements to buy any further program or to have a free test of anything else such as ‘SMS Export Pro’.
  4. OK, now to download. Go to the email that Vivebooks sent you that has the download link in it. Press lightly on the download link for a couple of seconds, then take your finger off and select Copy from the popup window.
  5. Now open iDownloads+ and make sure you are on the Browser window (tab at the bottom of the screen). Press on the URL/address window at the top and when you take your finger off, select Paste, then hit Go on the keyboard. This will bring up another popup window – select Download and your download should now start. You can check on the progress of this: at the bottom of the screen, tap on the File Manager tab and you will now see your file listed on the left with the number of Mb downloaded (helps to reassure you if you looked at the size of the download file on Vivebooks before you started – but don’t go and do it now!). Now make a cup of tea/coffee, ignore the adverts that keep changing at the bottom of the screen, and wait until it tells you that the download is complete – the time this takes will depend on your Internet connection speed.
  6. When the download is complete, tap on the small arrow to the right of the filename. This will bring up another popup: select Open With, then Dropbox. You will then have to wait a few seconds while the file is transferred to Dropbox, then it will open in Dropbox.  Enjoy your Vivebook!

Download or CDROM?

The PDF files vary in size so that those with a larger video element may be 600–700Mb whereas those without may be 50–100Mb. When you pay for a download, you will immediately be sent an email confirmation of your order that contains a secure download link. If you don’t receive this, please check your SPAM filter before contacting us. If you opt for a download the files are streamed from an Amazon server—as fast as we can manage but the download speed may be limited by your Internet connection. Downloading a large file may take up to 2 hours or more if your connection is fairly slow. We hope you will agree it is worth the wait to get high quality photos and all the video clips. If you are concerned about the download and can wait a couple of days, please order the physical product and we will ship it to you first class/airmail asap. For further information, please Contact Us.

Your ebook purchase will give you a limited number of download attempts before it times out. When you click on the download link you will typically get a ‘black’ screen but if you leave it several minutes you will start to see a bar appearing in the middle of the screen as the file downloads (depending on your browser, this bar may not appear). It can often look as though nothing is happening while the download is streaming to your computer so please don’t start another download unless your connection has been cut off or you have received a failure notification. Once downloaded, your ebook will appear in your browser; then use ‘Save as’, to move it to a folder where you can open it with Adobe Reader (this also takes a few minutes). By default, your computer will often store downloaded files in the ‘Downloads’ folder, so please check in there. You may need to ‘refresh’ the view of the contents of Downloads to see it – click on a different folder and open that, then go back to Downloads and open that. It can also take your computer a little while to process and open the file when it has downloaded – opening such large files can be slow if your computer is a bit older or only has limited memory. If you have run out of download attempts without getting your purchase, please contact us and we will help you get it.